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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards by Samedog

Rory is the brains behind SameDog - he is the creator, designer, artist extraordinaire. And this year I have his Christmas cards in store! He has a great range, and I've selected a few to help you with your last minute Christmas presents. So when you race in to pick up that final Secret Santa, make sure you grab a Samedog Christmas card to complete the present. Here's some pics of Rory's work.
Rory also does beautiful photography and great t shirt designs - my faves are Gorilla Gardener, Cranky Cabbage, and any of the Tassie Tiger range. Great gift ideas for someone who wants a truly unique tee, print or card. Make sure you visit Rory's site www.samedog.com

And Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Living on a prayer!

Last night Al and I went to the Bon Jovi concert - one word - AWESOME!!! They have been rockin for 27 years now ( which sadly indicates my age) and they still know how to get a crowd screaming.
Mind you, the initial screams were for the man himself, Jon, when he first appeared on stage. Women were swooning and screaming 'I love you Jon' and men were punching the air with the devil horns. Hilarious! But we were all there for the music...and they didn't disappoint. They even did some Rolling Stones with Jon doing a sexy impersonation of Mick ( much sexier than Mick too!)I'll be there for you was a fave - I sang my little heart out until I had no voice left. Luckily it came back to me in time to sing the final song Living on a Prayer - just Jon and the crowd to begin with. Rock music done acapella - love it. And when they did Bad Medicine,I was a teenager again singing into my hairbrush and playing an outstanding air guitar...and don't even pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!
Tico was his usual rock legend on drums, Richie in his top hat and leather, Jon not looking a day older.... Mum reckons it's because he's nice looking...I think thousands of women last night would agree.
da na na your love is like bad medicine.....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 12 dresses of Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... And so the search for the perfect Christmas dress begins. I love that so many of us have this tradition - I used to think it was just my family but clearly no. And there's nothing like finding the dress - you know the one that will be perfect for opening presents, eating amazing food and drinking champagne. And you'll feel totally glam but in an easy relaxed kind of way.
Well I start looking for my dress quite early. I think I've got it - it's a Shona Joy green long dress that should be in store shortly...but I'll keep you posted when it arrives.
In the meantime, here are the 12 dresses of Christmas - assorted styles for every type of Christmas celebration whether fancy, casual, at the beach, by the pool, or with all the family.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rafters made me cry...

If you watched Packed to the Rafters last night, you'll know exactly what I mean. Mel Rafter died last night in a mobile phone/car accident ( adds weight to the latest advertising about safe driving doesn't it?). I cried and cried. Al had to remind me that it is a show, she's ok in real life and its just her character. That's not the point though is it? It feels like someone real in my life. Guess that's what great acting is - making you feel as though the loss of a character is actually going to impact your life. It was definitely one of those moments in TV that I'll remember and I suspect next week will be just as emotional. So today I woke up, still thinking about Rafters, and then thinking about other TV show moments that have made me cry. In no particular order, here are my teary moments:
Molly from A Country Practice - too sad. Still cry when I watch re-runs on Foxtel. If you have no idea who Molly is, or A Country Practice for that matter, find someone over mid 30's. Or watch out for re-runs on Foxtel.
Claire McLeod from McLeod's Daughters - sobbed my little eyes out.
Final Episode of Sex and the City - not for sad reasons so much but the scene where Carrie returns to NY after her disastrous trip to Paris with the Russian. I loved it when she surprised the girls by turning up at their cafe - tears in the eyes now just thinking about it.
And finally, the final episode of Will and Grace - when Will, Grace, Karen and Just Jack are sitting at the bar ageing and singing their goodbyes. Perfect finish to a very funny show but I cried then too.
And yes Al, I know they aren't real people but for an hour a week, they are to me!xx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paper Skye has arrived!

After much anticipation, Paper Skye has arrived and it doesn't disappoint. Very floaty and feminine, coupled with amazing fabric. Neutral colours so there is a style to suit you. This is just one of the gorgeous garments you can see in store now.Well done Kirsten - stunning range! Oh and the little ruffled layered vest in cream is perfect ( I'm sure it took hours to create!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fashion Parade

So its been a while and as usual the only excuse I have is life! It has been crazy busy. Fashion Parades, Melbourne Cup dresses....
Anyway we did a fashion parade for Women In Engineering on Wednesday and it was so much fun. Thank you to my hot friends Sarah and Robyn and Nat for modelling. And a huge thank you to Melissa and everyone at Women in Engineering for inviting us. I hope you enjoyed the parade. I will post some pics of the event as soon as I have some.

FASHION PARADE at Clancy's Fremantle
Thursday 4th Nov at 7.30pm - Fashion parade at Clancy's showing all the new styles for the party season which is rapidly approaching! Join us for some fashion, fun, music and great beer! To rsvp, please go to the Sorella Store Facebook page, then Events tab then rsvp!

See you there!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just back from 4 amazing days in Tasmania with our dear friend Rory. Lots of laughs, great wine and copious amounts of food. So here are my recommendations for great spots to visits if you go to Tasmania.
Cataract Gorge - stunning. Wasn't a fan of the suspension bridge but the view is well worth it. Don't wear heels - very very steep walk back up from the picnic area and cafes.
Ana Purna Indian in Hobart - brilliant curries and the service was great.
Machine in Hobart - the best breakfasts - you must try the hotcakes which I would literally fly back to Hobart for!
The Red Velvet Lounge - brilliant light rye sourdough bread - heaps of butter and vegemite.Simple but amazing. And Rory had the brownie which was so good only social graces would stop you licking the plate!
And Raincheck in North Hobart had the best service with a smile and the best hot chocolate - melted chocolate in the glass with hot water and milk then mix it up yourself. So good!
But I didn't just eat over there - although my jeans don't agree! I was so impressed with the local designers and boutiques. Rebecca Roth (www.rebeccaroth.com.au) is a fantastic resin designer based in Hobart and I fell in love with her colours and styles. So much so I'm hoping to have her jems in store very soon!
I also visited a gorgeous boutique called Alexandra Best on Liverpool ( on facebook as alexandrabestonliverpool). Its a new boutique stocking beautiful shoes and clothing and accessories and it's well worth a visit.
So that's my Tasmania review - loved it! Hope you can handle more visitors again soon Rory- we are coming back as soon as we can! xx

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paper Skye

I was lucky enough to attend the Up! Finale at Perth Fashion Festival this week. And it was amazing - a very SATC moment for me!
Paper Skye is a stunning label designed right here in Perth by the very talented Kirsten Shadbolt. She has an incredible eye for detail and feminine styles which is reflected in her designs - which will be in Sorella Store very soon.
These are some pics from the night showing her designs - the pics aren't wonderful because photography is certainly not one of my skills but hopefully they give you an idea of just how gorgeous the fabrics are and the beautiful tailoring of the garments.xx

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When is a cougar just a cougar?

It's been a while since I last posted - no excuse other than been busy with life!
Here's a question - what's with all the cougar talk of late? How did women of a certain age become known as cougars? I looked up the definition of cougar - the animal variety is a mountain cat, a sleek fierce wild cat. The urban dictionary says a cougar is - a woman of a certain age looking for men younger than herself. I don't get it - where is the correlation? And why the cougar? Why not a lioness? Or a tigress? And if a woman of a certain age looking for a younger man is called a cougar, then what is a man of certain age looking for a younger woman called? The only animal analogy I could of, and its not nice, is a bear - it sleeps all winter, is covered in hair, wakes up cranky looking for food, generally smells, and often carries weight around the middle! Sorry - I said it wasn't nice!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

bisi Fashion event

It was good luck that led me to the Vancouver Cafe in Albany when bisi designs had their garments on show. It's a unique label with one-off designs, soft fabric and incredible tailoring.
On Friday night, we had an in-store parade and although my boutique is small, somehow we all fit and had a great night. Thank you to everyone who came and also to those who stayed on afterwards. And a huge thank you to the amazing designers Briony and Suki.
Here are some shots of my gorgeous friends who modelled for the evening - Sarah and Robyn. If you've visited the blog or our Facebook before, you'll definitely recognise them. To see pics from the night, please look at the Sorella Store page on Facebook.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My new fave!

If you've read my previous posts, by now you realise that I am always after pieces that don't place emphasis on my gluteous maximus (bum). And I'll buy ten of anything that actually makes it look good.
So here's my next purchase. I've styled it up with a great jeans belt and a new bead necklace by Hi Ho Silver. All that's missing are some tights and chunky boots. This is a figure hugging dress but rather clinging to anything, it just follows the curves, then falls square - which is great for a curvy backside.
Oh and the colour and mesh panel at the back are helping me picture warmer weather and spring clothes...bring on the sunshine!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Latest Update on Facebook

As you may have noticed from the Facebook badge on this page, Sorella Store now has its own Facebook page.
So if you have Facebook, you can look up Sorella Store and 'like' the page - and then you'll get updates straight to your Facebook profile ( I think under most Recent Newsfeeds).
That includes updates on all sales, events, specials,and pictures of every new range or label that comes into the shop! See the new Spring range as it arrives in store - and pick your favourite before it goes!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Inspiration

I know we are still in the middle of winter but I'm kind of over it. I love the winter dressing - very glamorous and allows me to have fun with my love of all things gothic, old worldly and a little bit dark. But I think I'm sick of my wardrobe and all that's in it which isn't good because let's face it - I have a lot of clothes. So being that we still have lots of cold weather to go, I need to find new ways to wear my faves. Long jumpers are great additions to the wardrobe - bunched up over jeans or worn long and stretchy over leggings and patterned tights. But to make your jumpers go the whole season, think about belting them and adding new accessories. This is a divine striped Sabatini jumper with a brown Metalicus belt ( its stretchy which is handy when you eat too much!) and a Grace + Scarper necklace. There - brand new outfit!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What pressure?!

I just read a great article by Lucinda Pitt in the July 26 Grazia. It talks about the pressure some women feel to look/be like celebrities after having children. She mentions a friend who wants to be like Gisele Bundchen - who has just had a baby but you wouldn't know it. Now I don't have children but I think most women feel that kind of pressure at some point during their lives. I know I see pics of Angelina and Brad and their troop and start feeling a tad inferior. Not saying that my husband isn't as attractive as Brad, but I'm about as far from Angelina as he is from Brad! The thing is, after spending last night with my sister Suzie and her new little girl Alexandra ( the most divine child - ever!), I now don't feel inferior to celebrities. Instead I'm in awe of mums. How do you do it? I was exhausted after a couple of hours....which is most likely why I have a cat and two dogs instead of children! So my call out to any mum who is feeling bad after viewing Gisele and baby pics or Angelina and children pics, remember - they have a team of stylists, housekeepers, cooks, trainers, beauticians....to help them. You have you! And you are doing great!XX
PS - Who knew that seeing your niece's dimples and smile could reduce you to tears?!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flashdance Inspiration

I find that the first song of the day influences my mood for the rest of the day. So when the first song I heard this morning was 'Flashdance..What a Feeling', it was only ever going to be an 80's dancing/disco themed day. And for those kind of moments, you need fabulous clothes to match.
Piper Lane's Poison Ivy dress is stunning - nude or studded black heels to work with the green shimmery fabric. Arm-loads of bangles.
Mimosa is a personal favourite label of mine - true to size, great cuts and amazing unique prints. Like the black dress with silver sparkles all over it(Shattered Sequin Silver Dress). Big shoulders scream Dynasty or Dallas - and I love it!
Another Mimosa stunner - the Galactic Sequin Tank dress. Be bold with bright coloured heels to match any colour in the print.
And for serious dancing in black jeans or skinny pants, you can't go past this Shona Joy Shock and Awe blue and black top. It's silk and soft and floats when you move.
Visit the store today for more 80's dance and disco music ...and beautiful clothes to suit the mood! x

Thursday, July 8, 2010

She can't be serious....

I haven't written a blog in a little while because it has been quite busy in the store. But something my Mum told me the other day has made me write.
Julia Gillard is our new Prime Minister....the first female. It's very exciting. To be honest, regardless of who it is, having our first female prime minister is exciting. It's a step forward. It's smashing through glass ceilings with perfectly manicured fingernails. It's seeing better hair than all the "it's not a comb over" comb overs we're used to. It's, hopefully, having a different approach to things. It's something for all females interested in politics to aspire to. It's something for all females to cheer about......except one woman on talk back radio who proclaimed that women should be at home looking after children, not in politics and what next?! Seriously. This was what my Mum told me that had me fuming. Obviously this woman on talk back radio is not a mother of daughters - my Mum told me I could do anything including being Prime Minister. I suspect Julia's mum might have too. Although if you think about it, Julia's job in parliament is similar to being a mum. There's lessons about sharing your things, being nice to one another, no fighting,tantrums, older child versus younger child, and really everyone would play nicer if they took a little nap!
PS - Mum, I can't do everything but thanks for believing in me anyway!XX

Friday, June 25, 2010

Samedog - something different!

For some reason all my friends are very talented and funny people...no, I'm not biased. Artists, creatives, great business people, amazing cooking skills, musicians, and we are all seriously good at dancing and singing using remote controls as microphones ( but that's another story). But I've just gone into www.samedog.com which belongs to my friend Rory. He started as my husband's friend to be honest but now I claim him as mine too. Do yourself a favour and have a look at the blog. It's funny, clever, full of great art, clothing, and interesting looks at life. And if you are local, you may even recognise a great pic of my favourite local cafe Blend.I've bought several tees, originally as gifts but they never made it as gifts. They live in my wardrobe now. And we have a 'House on a hill' painting too.
Miss you in Perth Rory but love getting all your Tassie news on your blog now!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In defense of the Fab Four!

So anyone who knows me, knows I love Sex and the City. It should therefore come as no surprise that I saw it for the second time on Sunday night. And loved it again!
But I have to say I'm a little disappointed in all the negative reviews it has been getting. Starting with the reviews saying that the girls are too old for the movie now!!! Why? I don't want to see them pretending to be young. I love that Miranda is finding herself in her career; I love that Carrie and Big are going through that 'we're getting comfy in our marriage' thing; I love that Charlotte is like every woman I know who is a mother (possibly without the designer threads while baking but still...); and I love that Samantha, who beat breast cancer, is now trying to 'beat' menopause with a little help from Suzanne Somers. I've watched them all get older but that hasn't changed the fun and the fashion. And as for those critics who panned the movie because there was no plot - its not meant to be a Shakespearean work of art people! It's meant to be fun, friends, and fashion - and in that case, it hit the mark. I don't want a realistic look at fashion - I want Carrie wearing amazing gowns while watching TV....I want crazy over-the-top dresses in the desert...and I really want access to that wardrobe.....ah dreams....

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm a fan of Zhouk. Good tailoring, nice lines, great fabrics and loving the use of studs and bling pins.
Robyn looks fab in this dress - with bling pin on the shoulder.

And I'm really into this cream tunic - for some reason I want to be riding on the back of a chariot or wearing sandals and walking the streets of Rome. But in this weather, I guess I'll settle for knee high boots and walking to Blend for a coffee instead!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The girls are back!

Last night I saw Sex and the City 2 and I LOVED it!!!! I won't spoil it for anyone but the fashion is amazing - its a mix of vintage, old faves, current lines, and flashbacks. There were several items I really felt my wardrobe needed....ok more than several. Of course I don't have any red carpet events to wear them to so if you drop by the store and I'm really dressed up, you'll understand why! Speaking of red carpet, if you love following what the stars wear on the red carpet, you must look at www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com
If you are thinking of watching Sex and the City 2, consider going to the Windsor cinemas in Nedlands on the 13th June for the 6.15pm session. All profits will be going to the Cat Haven and you can buy tickets by calling 9442 3605. There will be great door prizes including a gift voucher from Sorella Store. It will be my second viewing, but certainly not my last!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Winter is here!

We can safely say that the cold weather has arrived - bring on winter socks, warm coats, red wine and comfort food....
And scarves!!! They are a great way to warm up instantly and add colour to your outfit. I tend to live in black and grey so I add a bright scarf - that way I don't look like one of the Addams Family! The scarves pictured are from Elk, Metalicus and Fluxus and come in a range of colours.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm in love.......

There, I've said it. I'm in love. No this isn't a gushy email about husband. Although he's nice too. This is about new-to-my-store Italian label Eighth Sin. I've just had 3 styles of jeans arrive and they are cut beautifully. Great length, room for bottoms and hips (I tested on my own!), and very comfortable. So it would appear the Italians are masters of great food, wine, afternoon siestas and jeans! Viva Italia!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Van Helsing

I love Kate Beckinsale. Therefore I love her movies, mostly her action-type ones. Underworld and Van Helsing are my favourites. She looks gorgeous even when fighting with demons and vampires - and that can't be easy! So today, because it was cold and I wanted to wear a coat, I 'channelled' Kate in Van Helsing. Yes my outfit is slightly more colourful than she would have worn in the movie, but I did feel like I was ready to do battle - in shiny boots, a Piper Lane Purple Rain top,Sophie Kyron Suzie Q earrings and a beautiful black and hot pink coat I bought in Broome.
Next week - who knows? I feel a little boho glam coming on - Rachel Zoe style!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Fashion Flashback

Husband and I shared our 6th wedding anniversary last week. Other than the obvious thoughts back to our wedding and the great party, it also got me thinking about how much has changed in the 9 years we've been together. And then I started thinking about all the fashions Al has seen me go through. Before you read on, here's a warning - they are bad!
Hot pink cowboy hats...worn out...in public. I blame Madonna circa Music and American Pie remake.
See through white blouses with coloured bras. I thought I looked like Carrie Bradshaw. I didn't.
Very very thin eyebrows. I have no one to blame but myself for those.
So the question is - will these fashions or trends ever come back? Most likely but we'll call them something else. Here are some current examples -
MC Hammer Pants ( you all know what I'm talking about). Now called Harem Pants - very exotic with not a hint of multi-coloured rapper pants in sight.
Disco Pantsuits - think 70's Saturday Night Fever. Jumpsuits have been reinvented for winter in every luxurious and decadent fabric...silk, wool, jersey...

Seriously hoping my hot pink cowboy hat never comes back into fashion - I did throw that one out!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things I have learnt....

Women shop differently to men. My husband says I generalise a lot - which is true. But I think this statement is fairly accurate. It seems to be easier for men to shop than women - despite the fact that as the fairer sex, our choices and styles are far more varied and colourful.
Here's an example. I bought a dress for a wedding the other week (Sabatini in store now). I agonised over it - did it make my stomach stick out? Did my ample backside look...ampler? The whole process took me an hour - for one dress. Last weekend Al ( husband) and I went shopping for him. 2 pairs of jeans and 4 shirts later and he was done - in an hour! But other than the time, the other obvious thing - no questions about how things looked or needing to look in the mirror at every angle. Just grabbed the right size, threw it on just to check the size then purchase.
So imagine shopping like that? No wishing we were taller/shorter, slimmer/curvier, bustier/bustless.....but then, where would the fun be in that?!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Labels to Sorella Store

Welcome to the first blog from Sorella Store!

Check out the slide show to see fab shots of some of the gorgeous necklaces and accessories from Sophie Kyron, and a selection of the new Mimosa pieces in store now!

See you in store soon!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This blog is being created currently - it will be live very soon.
Stayed tuned for the fashion files and SorellaStyle thoughts for the week including - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should! ( I think there's something in that for everyone)