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Thursday, July 8, 2010

She can't be serious....

I haven't written a blog in a little while because it has been quite busy in the store. But something my Mum told me the other day has made me write.
Julia Gillard is our new Prime Minister....the first female. It's very exciting. To be honest, regardless of who it is, having our first female prime minister is exciting. It's a step forward. It's smashing through glass ceilings with perfectly manicured fingernails. It's seeing better hair than all the "it's not a comb over" comb overs we're used to. It's, hopefully, having a different approach to things. It's something for all females interested in politics to aspire to. It's something for all females to cheer about......except one woman on talk back radio who proclaimed that women should be at home looking after children, not in politics and what next?! Seriously. This was what my Mum told me that had me fuming. Obviously this woman on talk back radio is not a mother of daughters - my Mum told me I could do anything including being Prime Minister. I suspect Julia's mum might have too. Although if you think about it, Julia's job in parliament is similar to being a mum. There's lessons about sharing your things, being nice to one another, no fighting,tantrums, older child versus younger child, and really everyone would play nicer if they took a little nap!
PS - Mum, I can't do everything but thanks for believing in me anyway!XX

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