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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What pressure?!

I just read a great article by Lucinda Pitt in the July 26 Grazia. It talks about the pressure some women feel to look/be like celebrities after having children. She mentions a friend who wants to be like Gisele Bundchen - who has just had a baby but you wouldn't know it. Now I don't have children but I think most women feel that kind of pressure at some point during their lives. I know I see pics of Angelina and Brad and their troop and start feeling a tad inferior. Not saying that my husband isn't as attractive as Brad, but I'm about as far from Angelina as he is from Brad! The thing is, after spending last night with my sister Suzie and her new little girl Alexandra ( the most divine child - ever!), I now don't feel inferior to celebrities. Instead I'm in awe of mums. How do you do it? I was exhausted after a couple of hours....which is most likely why I have a cat and two dogs instead of children! So my call out to any mum who is feeling bad after viewing Gisele and baby pics or Angelina and children pics, remember - they have a team of stylists, housekeepers, cooks, trainers, beauticians....to help them. You have you! And you are doing great!XX
PS - Who knew that seeing your niece's dimples and smile could reduce you to tears?!

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  1. Hey, there's a dog in Tassie that wouldn't mind seeing the latest pics of those dimples! Good post by the way :o)