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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ipads are like drugs......

I was very spoilt by Father Christmas this year and got an IPad. Kind of scary though because technology and I don't usually agree...on anything.But I feel like this IPad and I really connect. It knows what I need - like Bubbles, and Mahjong, and lists....oh the lists I can write on my IPad are the stuff dreams are made of. And it pleasantly beeps to let me know that something on my list is due. And the apps are brilliant. I was a total app bah-humbug. Now I get it. And so I feel like IPad's are drugs. I can't stop myself,I'm even talking to it! And don't even get me started on Angry Birds!

Anyone else eat way too much over Christmas? I keep saying it's only once a year which is lucky because the leftovers seem to last all of January! But I planned my Christmas outfits very carefully this year.

So Christmas Day saw me in Manning Cartell pants, a White Verve top and Owl of Eden earrings. Very festive and colourful but loose enough to fit the obligatory pudding and home-made cassata.

Oh I think my IPad is calling me.......

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WA Fashion Talent

So it's PFF week which is extremely exciting for anyone involved in fashion - as a designer, retailer, stylist, buyer, or anyone who loves fashion! And it's a fabulous list of talented designers on display this week. The shows promise to be stunning.
What I'm personally excited about is the WA fashion talent, so many gorgeous models, stylists and designers, who are getting the accolades they deserve.

Just recently I was lucky enough to have Kim join the team at Sorella Store. Kim comes in on Saturdays and to be honest, makes me feel lazy! She just doesn't stop ( mind you I am nearly old enough to be her mother as she pointed out ha-ha!). But what Kim may not realise yet, is just how talented she is. She has been designing and making a dress for Sarah, who you've met if you come down to the store on Friday or Saturday. We basically gave Kim a heap of ideas, and just this week we've seen the finished product. And it is incredible! So Kim, when you are showing your creations on the Paris runway, we'll be cheering you on from the front row (very quietly and properly of course, it is Paris after all!).

For all the news and images from PFF, follow the official site...and every fashion blogger in Perth right now!
See you soon

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you have two wardrobes?

Quite often I get asked why I don't stock 'work' clothes in the store. I'm guessing this means suits and tailored pieces. The thing is while I do have tops that could work back with corporate wear, and jackets that would be great for the office...truth is, I'm protesting against my now non-existent corporate wardrobe!
Huh? See I used to have a very corporate job, so corporate in fact that occasionally I'm stunned I even stayed so long. It was lots of grey and beige and even worse, greige! I used to resent spending money on work clothes because once you've worn them to work, they'll only ever be work clothes.
For example I wore lots of sweet tops under my suits but I could never bring myself to wear them outside of work. I guess because I never looked at them as just cute tops anymore. For example my favourite red top with little black bows printed all over it, became the top that I wore in the meeting when so-and-so asked for reports on the organic growth of the team that would lead to buy in of the corporate space that blah di blah blah blah!!
If I'm going to spend a small fortune on clothes I want to spend it on heels that make my legs look longer and stronger, jeans that are so good they warrant a bottom slap when my husband walks past, and a top that creates cleavage worthy of a 'are they real?' question. And I want to look at that whole outfit and not be reminded of a work day, but be reminded of the night I went out for quiet drinks with the girls, and came home at breakfast!
So that's why I hope you find the store stocked full of casual pieces for lazy Sunday breakfasts, simple and classy pieces for a dinner date, and amazing dresses for all those 'quiet' nights out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Latest love

This is Miss China Doll by Peeptoe. She's pretty, black patent, lacey and a great friend to take shopping.
Stay tuned for the next Miss from Peeptoe -arriving in store soon! xx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Perth has awesome style

And not only does Perth have a lot of style, it has style creators. As you may know, we are running a style comp in store right now. And I've been blown away by the choices women have made and the styles they've put together. Just when I think I've found every combination possible on how to wear something, someone comes in and shows me not one, but two, three or four different ways of wearing a piece. I love it!
And you know what else the comp has confirmed - we all like dressing up and feeling good about what we put together. You can really tell someone knows they have hit the mark with their styling - it's that kind of confident smile that says ' I rock, I'm hot and I know it - now you know it too'!
So if you haven't been in store lately and seen some of the entries, please check out Sorella Store on Facebook and choose your favourite styles. We have some amazing stylists in Perth (by career or just as a passion) - but it's always a bit scary putting your style out there for everyone to see. So a huge well done to everyone who has dared do something different and enter this competition. I've loved talking to all of you and have had fun playing photographer to your styles! xx

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The perfect knickers!

There are things that I believe are universal to all women - and the search for the perfect knickers is one of them.
So often in the store I hear women say " of course I'm wearing the wrong knickers" or "I need my special knickers for this" or "with the right knickers, this would be great".
So what constitutes these 'right' knickers? And more importantly, where do you find them? Here's my request list - if you know where this perfect pair can be found, let me know!
* they need to come in every colour for every oufit possible
* they need to hold in a way that only Nancy Ganz, Spankz or Metalicus Girls Best Friend understands
* they need to look good on their own for.....well, the obvious I guess
* and they need to be accessible for everyday women, not just celebs who seem to have the magic knickers solution that no one else has
And don't even get me started on the perfect pair of bathers!

PS Everyone enjoying the colder weather? I am - jeans, boots and boyfriend jackets! Might even throw in a scarf next week if it stays this way!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My picks for my wardrobe

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I have a fairly large wardrobe - well I actually have a room that is just for my clothes, shoes, assorted bags, hats, magazines. It's my haven. I quite often disappear in there for hours just to play dress ups.
So here are my picks so far for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe ( notice I say 'so far' -there will be more). Al, don't worry - it's all marketing babe!

This Winter it's all about glam, tailored lines, structured shapes, and fluid fabric whether wool, silk, or leather. And metalics haven't left either. Leading us straight into the fashions for next season - 70's tailoring, jumpsuits, metalics, bling...May have to renovate and extend the wardrobe! x

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's in your genes?

I'm always curious when someone says ' they have good genes'. Not of the demin variety either I'm thinking....although they might have that too. So what does having good genes mean? It seems to be something different for everyone. The teeny tiny girl wishes she had more height genes, the really tall girl wants shorter genes. The girl with curves wishes she was less like J Lo and more like Gisele. The girl who is straight up and down, wishes she had curves.
So is it a matter of good genes vs bad genes or just that we aren't happy with what we've got?
Well here's some jeans to make you happy - good genes or bad. The black jeans are almost like pants. They are tailored and straight leg and hug the right places while slimming hips ( I own a pair - the jeans and hips!) The blue pair are a more casual denim but with great stretch and the denim is so soft it's like wearing your jimmy jams out the house! Eighth Sin make amazing jeans - to work with your genes!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter is coming?? Really??

Apparently winter is coming...well at least winter styles are coming into store now. I know now that I have a shop I'm meant to submit to putting winter things out now. But I just can't. Who wants to try on a coat now? It feels like it is never going to get cold.
I'm always torn by the seasons. I love summer weather and everything it means for me - icecream at work, sleeping with the fan whirring in the background, long nights on the front veranda talking nonsense over frangelico on ice, crickets ( the sound of them, not the game - side note is a cricket a game if a flock of birds can easily fall asleep on the pitch in the middle of the game?) BUT here's my issue - I suit winter fashion better. Ok I have a tan to rival any ghost and black hair so I'll never be mistaken for a beach bunny. Then again winter means leather gloves, soft scarves, layering deluxe fabrics like wool and silk....
So here are my tips for winter styling: long full maxi skirts in suede, heavy silks, leather if you are game; tear drop shaped dresses where the front is shorter than the back; lots and lots of silk; soft wool blends; and tailored jackets in the softest fabrics.
So what I'm buying now to get me through until winter truly hits - anything that I can wear now, and layer as it gets cooler. Think maxis in prints now, covered up with cropped jackets in winter. Tunics with flat sandals now, with fitted tops, leggings and army boots in winter. Bright colours to go with all the black I'm usually in. Bling, lots of bling.
Must be ice-cream time.xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Now technically the sale doesn't start until next week but you know what - I'm just too excited! There are so many nice new pieces in store.
So it's my store, my rules. SALE STARTS NOW!!!
20% - 70% off everything in store!
All clothes, all bags, all accessories!
See you soon.