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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rafters made me cry...

If you watched Packed to the Rafters last night, you'll know exactly what I mean. Mel Rafter died last night in a mobile phone/car accident ( adds weight to the latest advertising about safe driving doesn't it?). I cried and cried. Al had to remind me that it is a show, she's ok in real life and its just her character. That's not the point though is it? It feels like someone real in my life. Guess that's what great acting is - making you feel as though the loss of a character is actually going to impact your life. It was definitely one of those moments in TV that I'll remember and I suspect next week will be just as emotional. So today I woke up, still thinking about Rafters, and then thinking about other TV show moments that have made me cry. In no particular order, here are my teary moments:
Molly from A Country Practice - too sad. Still cry when I watch re-runs on Foxtel. If you have no idea who Molly is, or A Country Practice for that matter, find someone over mid 30's. Or watch out for re-runs on Foxtel.
Claire McLeod from McLeod's Daughters - sobbed my little eyes out.
Final Episode of Sex and the City - not for sad reasons so much but the scene where Carrie returns to NY after her disastrous trip to Paris with the Russian. I loved it when she surprised the girls by turning up at their cafe - tears in the eyes now just thinking about it.
And finally, the final episode of Will and Grace - when Will, Grace, Karen and Just Jack are sitting at the bar ageing and singing their goodbyes. Perfect finish to a very funny show but I cried then too.
And yes Al, I know they aren't real people but for an hour a week, they are to me!xx

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