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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Perth has awesome style

And not only does Perth have a lot of style, it has style creators. As you may know, we are running a style comp in store right now. And I've been blown away by the choices women have made and the styles they've put together. Just when I think I've found every combination possible on how to wear something, someone comes in and shows me not one, but two, three or four different ways of wearing a piece. I love it!
And you know what else the comp has confirmed - we all like dressing up and feeling good about what we put together. You can really tell someone knows they have hit the mark with their styling - it's that kind of confident smile that says ' I rock, I'm hot and I know it - now you know it too'!
So if you haven't been in store lately and seen some of the entries, please check out Sorella Store on Facebook and choose your favourite styles. We have some amazing stylists in Perth (by career or just as a passion) - but it's always a bit scary putting your style out there for everyone to see. So a huge well done to everyone who has dared do something different and enter this competition. I've loved talking to all of you and have had fun playing photographer to your styles! xx

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  1. It has been a blast, thanks for the opportunity Clare. x Becs