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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you have two wardrobes?

Quite often I get asked why I don't stock 'work' clothes in the store. I'm guessing this means suits and tailored pieces. The thing is while I do have tops that could work back with corporate wear, and jackets that would be great for the office...truth is, I'm protesting against my now non-existent corporate wardrobe!
Huh? See I used to have a very corporate job, so corporate in fact that occasionally I'm stunned I even stayed so long. It was lots of grey and beige and even worse, greige! I used to resent spending money on work clothes because once you've worn them to work, they'll only ever be work clothes.
For example I wore lots of sweet tops under my suits but I could never bring myself to wear them outside of work. I guess because I never looked at them as just cute tops anymore. For example my favourite red top with little black bows printed all over it, became the top that I wore in the meeting when so-and-so asked for reports on the organic growth of the team that would lead to buy in of the corporate space that blah di blah blah blah!!
If I'm going to spend a small fortune on clothes I want to spend it on heels that make my legs look longer and stronger, jeans that are so good they warrant a bottom slap when my husband walks past, and a top that creates cleavage worthy of a 'are they real?' question. And I want to look at that whole outfit and not be reminded of a work day, but be reminded of the night I went out for quiet drinks with the girls, and came home at breakfast!
So that's why I hope you find the store stocked full of casual pieces for lazy Sunday breakfasts, simple and classy pieces for a dinner date, and amazing dresses for all those 'quiet' nights out!

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