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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sequins and black leather

This week I posed a question on facebook - what's your personal style? It sounds like a simple question and then you go to answer ....um...well..whatever is clean, or whatever I just bought, or whatever my friends haven't seen before....So then you really start thinking about it. I thought of keywords to describe my look and only came up with sequins, leather, and black. I've always thought I had a bit of a rock chick/glam rock kind of look. So I googled these images and unless I'm really starting to look like Alice Cooper/KISS/Poison....oh please say it ain't so!
 Then I started thinking about my style over the years and how it's morphed. I've done preppy and conservative (hard to believe), gothic (not so hard to believe), hippy (fleeting phase in my early 20's when I believed I knew EVERYTHING!)Has your style changed too? Does your style change according to your lifestyle at the time, or according to work, or according to what your friends are doing, or are you a Brad Pitt? Now before I say anything, let me set the record straight. I like Brad Pitt, the way a chocaholic might like chocolate. But he changes style according to his relationships. Is it because he isn't really into fashion and just goes with whatever his current girl says, or is it because he is just so into his current girl, he loves everything about her including her style? For example: when he was with Juliette Lewis, he was unshaven and grotty and grungy; then when he got together with Gwyneth, he went very cool and conservative and they got matching hair cuts; then along came Jen and he went all boho chic; now Angelina and he's uber-cool but with edge (stubble and beanies with suits).
 Sometimes you look at a piece of clothing and think, I could never wear that. If it's red patent pleather, that's probably a wise decision. But what about if you like the idea of a garment, but just not sure how to make it your style. I asked Kim to use one piece in the store this week and make a couple of different looks from it.
She grabbed a wrap dress and created a feminine look,
 a rock kind of look, and an edgy Winter look.

 You're all still googling images of Brad Pitt over the years aren't you? Enjoy! x

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