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Friday, April 27, 2012


We were lucky enough to attend the Ruth Tarvydas show at PFW. Ruth nevers fails to disappoint in her designs...in particular one green sequinny number which I have pictured here. Stunning, I have no where to wear it of course and suspect this may be too formal for my 'sequins to breakfast' this weekend (reference to my last post!).
Sarah, Kim and I went to the show and I LOVED watching all the fashion types in their 'this old thing' not-trying-too-hard ensembles...lots of sunnies at night too...very Anna Wintour in the front row. I, however, was like a kid in a shoe shop ( I know that's meant to be candy shop but I was a different kind of kid ok?). I couldn't stop smiling at everyone....apologies to the woman in the front row who thought I was on the slightly crackers side of life! Anyhoo, it occurred to me that some people take fashion VERY seriously....I get it...I guess. It's a career, a love, a livelihood....but it's also meant to be fun. So here's me and the Sorella Store girls doing our very best to pull our serious fashion faces ( I look like I'm taking my own pulse).
In all seriousness though, a big round of applause to everyone involved, in particular the stylists, many of whom volunteered their time for PFW. You did an outstanding job. Long hours and commitment paid off! If you have aspirations to be a stylist, or just want to know what's involved, head to our Facebook page for our Search for a Stylist Competition...you never know where it may lead! More happy photos of us at PFW. Even if one day I'm sitting front row with the celeb types at the Paris runway, I will still be smiling like a lunatic and taking lots of this-is-so-exciting photos....which is probably why I'll never be invited! ha ha

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